Transaction Advisory (Startups and Scale-ups)


Portfolio of Companies


HSTAR Technologies– (Consultant) Corporate Development Advisor Cambridge, MA and Changzhou City, China

Perceive 3D- (Consultant) Non Executive Director Coimbra, Portugal

Skulpt Health– (Consultant) VP, Corporate Development & Marketing, Woburn, MA


Mitralign- (Consultant) Non-Dilutive Financing Tewksbury, MA

Physical Sciences Inc. - (Consultant) Corporate Development Andover, MA

First Light – (Consultant) Non-Dilutive Financing Bedford, MA

Physical Sciences Inc. - Laser equipment for maxillofacial procedures to correct congenital, traumatic, and cancer-related defects in bone


H3 Biomedicine (Eisai, plc) and TransPoC Bio – Advisor, Business Development & Alliances Cambridge, MA

Genocea Biosciences – (Consultant) Non-Dilutive Financing

Vivonics - (spinoff of biomedical division of Infoscitex)


LBV is a is Partner with Cyto Consulting , which specializes in working with international life science companies to commercialize their technology by offering Services to assist them with their expansion into the US market


Oncology Translational Proof of Concept (TransPoC)

Served as an Advisor and Head of Business Development and Alliances @ H3 Biomedicine formed with a 7 year, $200M financing from Eisai Pharma

TransPoC was a precompetitive alliance developed by H3 Biomedicine, an oncology drug discovery company, and an international group of collaborators to create shared cancer model platforms to advance the cumulative scientific understanding of the genetic drivers of cancer and targeted treatment options for patients.

TransPoC is to offer its members shared large-scale translational research platforms to enable a personalized medicine approach to oncology drug discovery, create access to clinical proof-of-concept tools for new cancer therapies, and foster information sharing and open collaboration across a wide range of drug discovery oncology organizations in industry and academia.

This resulted in the formation of an Oncology Consortium, Translational Proof of Concept (TransPoC) -- a platform with PDX model and Cell Lines to enable discovery and development for emerging Oncology co's.

Broad Institute, MD Andersen, Dana Farber and Jackson Labs + Wuxi + 23andMe---were among the participants in this, we had recruited

  • Milken Institute's FasterCures
  • published paper

  • MLSC, led team in the founding of this Consortium - in the summer of 2012. Administered by the MLSC, the Neuroscience Consortium is pioneering new model that is designed to leverage Massachusetts’ rich environment of neurobiology and neuroscience.

    Founding members included AbbVie, Biogen Idec, EMD Serono, Janssen Research & Development, LLC, Merck, Pfizer and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    The consortium’s purpose is to accelerate early-stage research available to the pharmaceutical industry.

    By providing funding to premier primary investigators in the state, the consortium aims to introduce academic researchers to the challenges of targeted research and facilitate industry-academic collaborations.

    In order to leverage additional sources of capital and maximize support for its portfolio companies, MLSC developed a Corporate Consortium Program for corporate and investment partners to contribute matching funds for MLSC’s activities.

    Through a suite of initiatives, including direct grants, loans and equity vehicles, MLSC identified and made funds available to early-stage life sciences companies with a high-potential for commercialization, rapid growth, and downstream institutional financing.

    Members included: Johnson & Johnson (COSAT) and Sanofi