Applying Venture Capital, Acceleration Education, and Business Development for Innovation and Ecosystem impact.


GLAB - Global Entrepreneurship Lab - Lecturer, Global Management and Economics (GEM) Group


This course focuses on measuring and understanding what kinds of entrepreneurship thrive in different countries. Students work with host companies to develop analytical diagnostic frameworks that can be used to better understand any situation.


Established: 2008
Employees: 27
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Funding: Our global Limited Partners, include: - Inter American Development Bank - Korea Venture Investment Corporation - Nacional Financiera - Nestle - Bancoldex - Mexico Ventures

Angel Ventures is a Venture Capital firm.

AV engaged the MIT GLAB team to to figure out feasible exit alternatives for 2 portfolio company investments from Angel Ventures' Fund 1. The 2 co's: A healthcare startup working to provide better financing alternatives for hospital and clinic equipment; and a fintech startup working on linking users with no traditional credit rating to credit products such as credit cards and micro loans.

Established: 2012
Employees: 500
Location: Ruiru, Kenya
Funding: LGT Capital DOB Equity Sorenson Impact Fund Goodwell Investments Eleos Foundation Seed Capital from a variety of Angels

Copia is a Kenyan e-commerce company focused on reaching the rural consumer through the innovative use of agents as order facilitators.

Kenya is a fast-growing economy with almost a third of its population under the age of 35. Cellphone penetration and the use of mobile money are high. If Copia seeks significant growth, it will have to capture the tech-savvy youth market with increasing disposable income and therefore greater purchasing power. Copia engaged the MIT GLAB team to help determine how best to include a multi-vendor marketplace as part of the current business model. The multi-vendor marketplace would allow Copia to leverage their platform to gain a wider reach while providing a diverse and ever-evolving product line with less effort in comparison to running an e-commerce store and retaining product management. The strategy was determined as a result of a best practice benchmarking study of the best in field marketplaces Jumia, Mercardo Libre, Amazon and Alibaba.

Established: 2017
Employees: 700
Location: Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Funding: DANA is a joint ventures of Indonesian most prominent media conglomerate - EMTEK Group, and Ant Group or formerly known as Ant Financial.

DANA wanted to leverage its existing mobile payments platform to provide a complete financial services experience for its users.

They engaged the MIT GLAB Team to provide insights and lessons from the U.S. fintech landscape that would help them achieve this goal.This included surveying the U.S. fintech landscape to benchmark selected leading U.S. personal financial planning applications.

Established: 2006
Employees: 60
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Funding: No. We are self-funded and have grown organically from the start!

Dynamo is a production studio based in Colombia that produces feature-length, premium, original content for major video streamers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Movistar.

They wanted us to create an opportunity map and concrete action plan recommendations for new, long-term, high-growth opportunities outside of Dynamo's current core competencies. MIT GLAB team were engaged to create an opportunity map and concrete action plan recommendations for new, long-term, high-growth opportunities outside of Dynamo's current core competencies.

Established: 2016
Employees: 30
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Funding: NA

EPITOME aims to revolutionize workforce analytics in partnership with governments and government agencies.

However, such partnerships require a unique strategic approach, research, and due diligence, the lack of which has led to multiple challenges in scaling up. Epitome Playbook is created as a guide to onboard new government clients via a sustainable ‘Public- Private Partnership’ model. It is a framework that encompasses key social, political, legal, financial, economic, and cultural determinants that will support Epitome in making an informed and strategic choice while pursuing future partnerships. Playbook also includes recommendations for Epitome’s expansion strategy, total addressable market, and target countries for the next two years.

Established: 2015
Employees: 300
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Funding: Back by SoftBank Ventures Asia Corp., Sequoia India, and Line Corporation

Funding Societies (HQ: Singapore) is Southeast Asia’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, specializing in short-term financing for SMEs, crowdfunded by individual and institutional investors.

Having seen great success in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, the company recently expanded to Bangkok, Thailand, with the goal of becoming a regional fintech provider and servicing Thai SMEs in specific industries. The MIT GLAB team were engaged to define Funding Societies’ top value propositions for Thai SMEs and to benchmark its financial products against its competitors.

Established: 1896
Employees: NA
Location: Lima, Peru
Funding: N/A

RIMAC, a subsidiary of BRECA, is the largest insurance provider in Peru.

The firm has taken a note of the immense growth of digital healthcare both worldwide and in Latin America and is seeking to gain exposure to this exciting market through capital investments. RIMAC engaged the MIT GLAB team to evaluate the telemedicine, digital pharmacy, and wellness markets in LATAM, and to propose a corporate venture framework for making investments in these areas.

Established: 2013
Employees: 500
Location:Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Funding: Provence Capital, Unbox Capital (Trajano family office) and e.Bricks Ventures.

Rock Content, a Brazilian startup, provides content marketing solutions to over 2,000 brands, marketers and agencies.

Recent M&A success (ScribbleLive acquired in 2019), coupled with a fragmented but growing market, has highlighted an opportunity for Rock Content to claim a market leadership position through further acquisition. MIT GLAB team were engaged to build and communicate an M&A strategy for Rock Content going forward.

Established: NA
Employees: NA
Location: Coruna, Spain
Funding: NA

MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital is the e-commerce arm of Hijos de Rivera, a beer company based in Galicia, Spain.

When COVID-19 hit and a lockdown was implemented across Spain, Estrella Galicia rapidly launched an e-commerce platform in the span of two weeks to enable its customers to order beer directly to their homes. MOVE engaged the MIT GLAB team to better understand how they could improve their e-commerce operations. The B2G Lab team started by understanding MOVE’s ongoing transition to new technology platform SAP as well as current pain points in logistics, and moved into evaluating ways that MOVE could improve its relationship with vendors and eventually implement advanced technologies to improve the e-commerce experience for customers and grow sales.


Kendall-Teams - Co-Founder and Partner


TkTeams offers universities, incubators and economic development organizations a 2-week hands-on US-market exploration program for their scale-ups.




MIT Portugal - Co-Director, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IEI)


The €1M Institute of Lisbon(IUL)/ MIT Portugal Caixa Capital [Building Global Innovators –BGI] is organized through the support of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). The competition’s aim is to create a competence center in the area of technology-based entrepreneurship, and celebrate and reward tech based projects, from any country, with international potential, containing strong innovative capacity and management team.

The program was designed with principles of the Proof of Concept (PoC) Center, MIT Deshpande Center | For Technological Innovation and the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, and includes not only a financial award, but also a 3-part Accelerator course, a Catalyst program, vetting provided by a distinguished International Jury panel, Investor showcases and symposiums, and collaboration with various MIT or MIT-affiliated organizations.