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Dr. Hamadoun Touré Executive Director, Smart Africa Secretariat


"Africa has embarked into an exceptional journey of creating a Single Digital Market. The journey started in October 2013, when 7 African Heads of State decided to create Smart Africa and endorsed the Smart Africa Manifesto, which outlined their vision of digital transformation for Africa. The Africa’s single digital market will enable the continent’s ICT sector to thrive, evolve, and create jobs while improving citizen’s wellbeing through relevant applications, content and services. One of the core principles of the Smart Africa Manifesto is to improve access to ICT especially Broadband. While there have been important strides registered over the last decade, there are still significant gaps, especially in intra-African cross-border connectivity. This hinders the realization of the goal of having quality and affordable access to Internet in Africa. The Interconnectivity Conference with Tata Communications Transformation Services is part of Smart Africa’s sustained effort to collaborate with the private sector to continuously invest in Infrastructure, Content & Applications, Services and Capacity building. It is rooted in our belief that a sustainable economic transformation is driven by the private sector, while Governments focus on fostering and enabling political and regulatory framework. It is my hope that our combined efforts will make our economies and our African continent more competitive, agile, open and innovative with the most favorable business climates that attract large-scale investments, reward entrepreneurship and enable fast growth and exports" (Read more)

Cabo Verde



A CVTelecom nasceu da cisão dos CTT-EP, em 1994, originando a separação dos negócios correios e telecomunicações, resultando na sociedade anónima , a Cabo Verde Telecom. Seguiu-se, em 1995, a privatização da CVTelecom com a entrada do parceiro estrategico, a Portugal Telecom.



MIT Portugal’s Industry Affiliate Program for economic development and societal impact–(Appointment) Co-Director, Industry and Innovation, Cambridge, MA and Lisbon, Portugal

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Exeter Science and Technology Group (Exeter STG) envisions a transformative era in healthcare and life sciences. This will be realized by the confluence of scientific, high technology and engineering disciplines. New business models will emerge that include novel government, academia, private sector and industry collaborations in the product and venture development arena. In the horizon is personalized medicine and clinical pathways with multicultural relevancy and aggregation of a global healthcare experience base; and medical care utilizing tissue engineering, biomaterials, stem cells, nanotechnology and combination products. In turn, this will make possible the harnessing of the potential of mobile, digital, device and Internet technologies for information sharing, data accuracy, transparency and consumer empowered education. The result is unprecedented quality of care, decreased mortality and morbidity and improved patient outcomes.