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With a gift from Leonard and Sophie Davis, the University of Pennsylvania established the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) in 1967, two years after Congress enacted Medicare. It was created to fill fundamental gaps in the evidence base that could inform policies critical to the financing and management of the nation's increasingly costly and complex health care system. Today, LDI is considered one of the world’s leading university institutes dedicated to data-driven, policy-focused research that improves our nation’s health and health care. (Read more)



The Penn Center for Learning Analytics uses a blend of large-scale and small-scale research methods, from analytics and data mining to ethnographic and field observation methods, to study learning and engagement. We conduct research on both state-of-the-art online learning environments and traditional classroom instruction, investigating what approaches and methods can best enhance student long-term outcomes. Its activities take into account: Changing Learning Environments, Technological Innovations and How to Make (Online) Learning Systems More Human (Read more)